Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Who We Are

The people and services of Bovo-Tighe are focused entirely on one thing: We help organizations engage the full productive capacity of people. We do this by helping you implement specific, foundational behavior changes, and helping you make them sustainable.   

The organizations we have helped in our 28 years include nearly every type, from corporations to not-for-profit organizations and government. They also span every size, from multinational to startup efforts. Based on what we have learned, we know what works, and can save you time and frustration in your improvement efforts.

The profile of our perfect client is a leader, at any level, who truly wants to maximize the contribution of their organization and the people in it. This special leader realizes a key piece of their personal mission is to fully unleash and leverage the capacity of the talented people they are entrusted with. Our approach is totally scalable, allowing us to work with a corporation, a division, or a work team of 5 people.

Our projects are designed to have rapid, powerful impact. We will see differences in your key initiatives almost immediately.

Our Vision

We are building an ever – growing network of powerful business leaders committed to fully engaging the capacity of people. We help them develop the capacity for contribution and leadership within their organization, and ultimately beyond.