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Situational Awareness – Navigating the Holidays

There’s a great quote I’ve seen floating around social media lately that’s really got me thinking.  One of the reasons Bovo-Tighe’s Foundation of Leadership Excellence Model is so successful isn’t only due to its practicality or versatility in the workplace, it’s because it can improve your personal life as well. When it comes to better communication and building trust with friends and family–the same principles and tools apply. Tis the season for giving, so in this blog we’re going to take a deeper dive into how these Bovo-Tighe principles and tools can help make your life away from work that much better! They may even help ease tensions around the dinner table. Here are a few tools to help increase your situational awareness and build trust with your friends, family and co-workers…

Control what you can control, and often you’re in control of more than you think—E+R=O

One of the reasons why I find this quote worth sharing is because it does a good job at highlighting the importance of realizing you can only control what you’re in control of.  Most of the time, that’s your own self and your reaction/response to a certain event, which in turn affects the outcome. This is a concept throughout all our curriculum and coaching. Understanding the factors that lead to your desired outcomes are key, because then you can work to formulate a response that will move you towards better. But if you aren’t clear on where you’re going, it’ll be almost impossible to craft responses that’ll move you forward. Especially when trying to build trust and strengthen a relationship with someone. Tools like the mindful moment and the engaged conversation are designed to help you do just that.

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