Unleashing the full capacity of your people

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Pillars of Achievement

Pillars of Achievement is a powerful, life-changing program about personal effectiveness and productivity. Based on a foundation of self-awareness and self-confidence, this program uses proven methods to equip individuals with the skills, attitudes, and capabilities for peak performance.

Pillars of Achievement gives the entire organization a common, positive language of effectiveness. Employees are engaged to complete more work, faster, and with greater efficiency. Communication, teamwork, and problem-solving capabilities increase as employees become more optimistic, focused, positive, and cooperative.

The benefits to an organization of improved performance, greater productivity, and increased levels of harmony and well-being quickly result in organizational effectiveness and financial payback.

Achieving Mastery/Time Management for the Information Age

The average employee is working at no more than 60% of capacity. In employee surveys, only 5% of respondents report that they are contributing their full potential to their companies. You hire talented, motivated people. What has sub-optimized their level of contribution?

Through Bovo-Tighe’s Achieving Mastery / Time Management course, this latent productivity can be unleashed.

Accelerating Personal Accountability

Today most organizations are committed to lean operations with flatter hierarchies. Successful organizations must then look to team members to take greater responsibility, and be personally accountable for achieving desired business outcomes.

Too many organizations create systems to “hold people accountable” rather than fostering a culture where people hold themselves accountable. The former demands strong oversight and repercussions for poor performance. The latter fosters a more sustainable commitment from employees to take personal ownership of group outcomes.

Bovo-Tighe’s Accelerating Personal Accountability Program is a practical, straightforward method for quickly growing this desired personal accountability within teams. We built our program on the principles laid out in the best-selling book QBQ! by John G. Miller, which drives home the importance and power of taking personal accountability for business results.