Unleashing the full capacity of your people


LTC Final

Foundations of Leadership Excellence

Build personal and interpersonal leadership effectiveness by learning and sharpening the day-to-day leadership cornerstone habits that form the foundation of a strong leadership style. Maximum organizational performance can only be consistently obtained once these foundational leadership behaviors are embedded as habits.

Program participants learn exactly which leadership behaviors they need to build this leadership foundation, maximizing their own rate of contribution and the contributions of the people on their teams.

Communication That Counts

This program embeds in participants a fundamentally different way to converse in the workplace, and gives them the ability to connect conversational outcomes more closely to what they truly seek to achieve.

This is a perennially popular program because it is immediately practical. Participants learn and practice approaches they will apply the minute they leave the session. People learn how their own observable behavior and communication styles affect their personal productivity, and the productivity of those around them. Whether program participants are senior executives, directors, area managers, front-line employees, sales representatives, or support staff, they all gain techniques to make their observable behavior and coworker interactions constructive and contributory. This helps everyone raise their effectiveness at work.