Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Achieving Mastery/Time Management

The average employee is working at no more than 60% of capacity. In employee surveys, only 5% of respondents report that they are contributing their full potential to their companies. You hire talented, motivated people. What has sub-optimized their level of contribution?

Through Bovo-Tighe’s Achieving Mastery / Time Management course, this latent productivity can be unleashed.

Participants in Achieving Mastery receive and practice a sustainable way of approaching time and personal performance. Each person learns how to save time and increase output in every area of life. The process deals with both the practice and the psychology of time/life management, moving beyond e-mail inbox triage and daily schedule control. We shake up the way participants run their entire day, including methods for improving how work and home life mesh and influence each other.

Participants emerge from this intense program with a new attitude toward themselves and time. They make changes and their results improve immediately.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Faster Completion of Projects – Schedule mastery allows more focused project management and task completion
  • Greater Efficiency at a Personal and Interpersonal Level – Less time needed for task completion frees time for personal improvement and interpersonal relationship development
  • Greater Sense of Control – Stress reduction through mastery of day, schedule and responsibilities
  • Greater Work Life Balance – Firm control of professional responsibilities allows more time for personal needs and pursuits
  • More Focus on Quality Communications – Focus on prioritized communications improves with ability to dedicate sufficient time to craft excellent communications
  • Better Decisions – More time available for strategic thinking and investigation leads to fully understanding problems
  • Priorities Get Accomplished Quickly – The most important tasks get the time they need for faster achievement
  • Greater Motivation and a Sense of Enthusiasm – With ownership and mastery of their own day, employees find greater ownership and meaning in their roles

Program Components

  • One or Two-Day Intensive Onsite Workshop

Behavior Changes You Can Expect

  • Priorities Get Real Priority – Participants will implement specific techniques to identify and stay focused on high priorities
  • Clear Goal Setting – Participants will develop and articulate clearer goals and objectives
  • More Time Spent on Important Work – Participants will put greater concentration on higher-value tasks without intense oversight
  • Elimination of Time-Wasters – Busywork starts to fade away as participants “say no” more often and increase their focus
  • More Work in Less time – Participants will gain two or more productive hours per day
  • Less procrastination – Participants will gain tools and tricks to self-motivate around personal productivity blocks
  • In-Box Control – Participants will be much more effective at handling large amounts of email and communication
  • Cleaner Workspace – Participants will understand the inefficiencies of clutter, and work on reducing it within their space
  • Better Work/Life Balance – Participants will find more time to maintain a strong balance between work and family with their “recaptured” hours
  • More Energy, Greater Enthusiasm, Higher Productivity