Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Pillars of Achievement

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Pillars of Achievement is a powerful, life-changing program about personal effectiveness and productivity. Based on a foundation of self-awareness and self-confidence, this program uses proven methods to equip individuals with the skills, attitudes, and capabilities for peak performance.

Pillars of Achievement gives the entire organization a common, positive language of effectiveness. Employees are engaged to complete more work, faster, and with greater efficiency. Communication, teamwork, and problem-solving capabilities increase as employees become more optimistic, focused, positive, and cooperative.

The benefits to an organization of improved performance, greater productivity, and increased levels of harmony and well-being quickly result in organizational effectiveness and financial payback.

Benefits to The Organization

  • Improved personal, team, and departmental performance – from a positive mental attitude that is solution-focused AND promotes self-responsibility and self-management.
  • Increased productivity – from focused goal setting and goal achievement, creative problem solving, effective time management, a “persistence mentality”, and a sense of urgency.
  • Improved team and organization effectiveness – from respecting and appreciating others, communicating effectively, and improved interpersonal relationships.
  • Increased understanding of organizational change – vital to organizational success, from each individual’s increased sensitivity regarding his/her role and connection to corporate strategies and goals.

Program Components

  • Pre-Course Diagnostics
  • Two/Three-Day On-site Course
  • Progress Tracking Metrics

Key Topics/Learning Objectives Covered in the Workshop

  • Self-Knowledge – Provides participants with an understanding of the emotions they are feeling, attitudes and habits they have developed.
  • Self-Responsibility – Each participant learns that he/she is totally responsible for all actions and outcomes in life. It is up to each participant to take control and be responsible for his or her own success.
  • Positive Mental Attitude – A “solution focus” looks at problems as opportunities and learning experiences
  • Goals and Objectives – The process of setting and achieving realistic yet “stretch” goals, removing obstacles, making action plans, and developing a “persistence mentality” are critical to success.
  • Time Management – Excellent life/time management skills focus on increased effectiveness through gaining more productive time and control of each day.  
  • Managing Stress and Increasing Energy Levels – Participants learn how to manage their reactions to stressful situations, allowing them to focus their energy and capabilities on positive, solution-focused action plans.
  • Creativity and Innovation – Participants develop creative thinking and problem-solving strategies.
  • Communication – Participants increase their ability to communicate effectively with others, be a team player, listen attentively and delegate successfully.