Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Personal Leadership Assessment

Great personal performance requires deep self-understanding.

Awareness of your true capabilities is the true foundation high-performance leadership. Clear assessment of your current leadership behaviors, habits and mindsets inform you of skill gaps and focus your efforts on areas with maximum potential for improvement. Understanding which of the key foundation elements need the most focus is the secret to efficient improvement. Awareness also leads to ongoing, habitual observation and reinforcement of positive habit change.

Benefits to the Organization and Individual

  • Understanding motivations – Deep understanding of the fundamental drivers for each person within an organization. This offers great insights about untapped capabilities
  • Leveraging leadership style – Each individual can better understand how they are perceived by others and can make simple changes to better engage with coworkers
  • Better decisions – Team profiles can uncover unproductive biases the team may have around decision-making and taking action.
  • Overcoming limitations – Gaining clarity about specific limitations that hold back individual performance, allowing focused remedial action
  • Knowing potential capacity – Better perspective on untapped capacities for each person in your organization
  • Confirmation – Discover the great personal leadership habits already in place
  • Fast – Decisive next steps to take immediately to foster faster continuous improvement

Approach Components:

  • Online assessment can be completed in under 30 minutes
  • 30-45 minute telephonic debrief of the assessment results
  • Extensive report for each individual about their motivations and style and opportunities for greater performance
  • Integrated team profiles as well as individual results

Unique Features of Our Approach

Practical insights – Personal improvement efforts are often inefficient and ineffective because the feedback we get is inconsistent. Our assessment approach provides insights that are clear and validated through our process.

Easy on your people – A few minutes to complete an online survey can be squeezed into even the busiest schedules.

World-class perspective – The usefulness of our approach has been confirmed through work with thousands of people across hundreds of organizations.

Specific to the individual – Each personal report is unique to the person, focusing on their unique motivations, style, capabilities, and value they can bring to the people they work with, and for.

Builds enthusiasm for improvement – Individuals enjoy sharing results of their assessment, which creates ongoing performance improvement and behavior change throughout your organization.