Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Performance Improvement Triads

Energize Your Habit Changes

For powerful and lasting behavior change, particularly between coworkers, Bovo-Tighe has pioneered a groundbreaking approach called the Triad. The approach consists of a facilitated discussion between a supervisor and subordinate or coworkers in which they explore the way they work together in a prescribed manner. The approach includes use of our individual performance assessments, and results in a joint plan forward which will be implemented within 60 to 90 days. The process is fast, powerful, and highly engaging for the participants.

Benefits to the Organization and Individual

Powerful change – These changes will be fast and focused in areas that make an immediate difference to the organization and individual.

Clarity and focus – Both participants receive strong feedback from the assessment and from each other to help them focus on the most effective improvement steps to take now.

Mentoring – We set up a mentoring relationship between the two participants which will likely extend beyond the scope of our Triad process.

Observable to the organization – We focus on behaviors that will be observable and replicable by others, creating positive momentum within the organization.

Teambuilding – Individuals who work with each other through this process typically strengthen their relationship and collaborative outcomes quickly.

Approach Components:

2 to 3-hour meeting between two participants and a Bovo-Tighe consultant

Discussions based upon insights from the Personal Leadership Excellence Assessment

Unique Features of Our Approach

  • Fast – The Triad process generally takes 2 to 3 hours and results in a written report of mutually agreed-to actions.
  • Incredibly focused – The participants walk away with a very clear agreement about exactly what they will do to improve their performance together.
  • Sustainable mentoring relationship – The participants agree to an ongoing mentoring approach for the implementation period, and beyond.
  • Specific roadmap – a written record of the agreements is produced and used by the participants after the original trial.
  • Support coaching – Bovo-Tighe will check in and assist the participants in the implementation of the habit changes to which they both committed.