Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Foundations of Leadership Excellence

Boss with Hard Hat

Build personal and interpersonal leadership effectiveness by learning and sharpening the day-to-day leadership cornerstone habits that form the foundation of a strong leadership style. Maximum organizational performance can only be consistently obtained once these foundational leadership behaviors are embedded as habits.

Program participants learn exactly which leadership behaviors they need to build this leadership foundation, maximizing their own rate of contribution and the contributions of the people on their teams.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Fully Engaged Workforce – Unleashing the full productive capacity of the organization
  • True continuous improvement – The entire organization focuses on getting better each day
  • Better decisions – Leaders build strong communication flows throughout the organization
  • Accurate and timely performance feedback – Dialogues between individuals and across the organization which supports true improvement
  • Leaders will role model excellence – Grow better leadership habits throughout the organization
  • Unshakable trust throughout the organization – Better relationships built that reduce frustrations, break down silos, and create efficiencies you have not yet discovered

Program Components

  • One/Two-Day On-site Courses
  • Materials to Aid in Sustaining Productive Habit Changes, Coaching/Mentoring

Behavior Changes You Can Expect

  • Ability to clearly articulate the mission and work tasks in ways that energize others
  • People expressing the same picture of reality top-to-bottom in the organization
  • Increased use of performance feedback mechanisms to raise ideas and issues
  • Meetings called for the right reasons, only as needed
  • Conversations that lead to agreement and commitment to action
  • Employees self-engaging in their jobs; able to express their role inthe mission
  • Learning to lead themselves first
  • Building greater trust and relationships with coworkers
  • Deeper listening and understanding of the other viewpoints within the organization
  • Becoming a “generative leader” that models and grows the right behaviors with their coworkers
  • Teaching others how to adopt these same highly productive habits
  • Building continuous feedback loops that reinforce, sustain and amplify the gains made through the new leadership behavior style