Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Organizational Excellence Assessment

Understanding Your Capabilities

True organizational excellence requires an ongoing commitment to precise, continuous improvement. Too many organizations expend energy on misguided or less effective steps that are not coordinated strategically or aligned with your desired culture. Our Organizational Excellence Assessment process ensures your organization will move forward accurately, consistently, and efficiently toward the greater performance you actually need to achieve to thrive.

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Benefits to the Organization

  • A clear, detailed roadmap for how to improve the organization’s performance
  • Clarity about specific limitations that hold back your performance
  • Comparison against proven models that produce world-class performance
  • Behavioral-based assessments that clarify specific changes to make
  • Better perspective on all the untapped capacities within your organization
  • Confirmation of great behavioral habits already in place
  • Optimism that stems from clarified opportunities
  • Fast, decisive next steps toward continuous improvement

Approach Components:

  • Online assessments can be completed by participants in under 15 minutes
  • Diagnostic interviews can be handled live and by telephone
  • Results are compiled into a roadmap-to-excellence summary, by team and by individual

Unique Features of Our Approach

Greater accuracy – combination of online survey tools and direct interviews ensures accurate understanding and clarity on strengths as well as weaknesses

Easy on your people – A few minutes to complete an online survey can be squeezed into even the busiest schedules

Flexible interviews – We fit around your schedule, and our personable approach makes it fun for the participants

World-class perspective – Our Foundations of Excellence model summarizes over 25 years of observations of world-class performance in hundreds of organizations.

Specific to you – Your roadmap forward is specially designed for your capabilities and culture

Saves time – You benefit by focusing attention and energy directly on the patterns that work (specific behavior and mindset changes to adopt and make habitual)