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DNA Position Analysis

If the Job Could Talk…..

High levels of individual and team performance require clarity around team goals, each person’s specific role in achieving them, great self-awareness, and continuous growth. Particularly important is that a person is clear on which of their strengths can be best leveraged, and precisely how to do that, not just what areas they need to improve.

In our award-winning process “The DNA Position Analysis,” Bovo-Tighe works with a small number (typically 5 to 10) of your most knowledgeable stakeholders to develop a clear profile for any job. The profile identifies critical elements in 3 areas corresponding to job success; observable behaviors, job motivations and values, as well as intrinsic competencies.

Any employee or job candidate can be assessed against this profile. The assessment provides deep insight into an employee’s capabilities, style fit with your organization, and key motivations. Even more powerfully, interview questions can be developed directly from the profile which can be extremely helpful during developmental discussions or an interview process. All potential recruits can be compared to each other against the job profile, giving instant feedback.

A common use of the DNA Position Analysis is to assess an employee in a leadership position to immediately identify strengths, and focus developmental opportunities and succession considerations.

Key benefits of the Bovo-Tighe Position Analysis Process:

  • Definitive agreement among all stakeholders in the employee development process about precisely what is most important for an employee to demonstrate and develop.
  • Objective assessment of an employee’s capacity related to behavior, motivations, and key intrinsic competencies.
  • Comparison of an employee or candidate objectively to a consistent profile, allowing for definitive understanding of capacities and blind spots.
  • Developmental questions specifically designed to engage an employee or candidate in meaningful conversation about their growth.
  • The ability to norm over time and to develop historical confirmation of the profiles. Your model will get more accurate over time.
  • Clarity among everyone involved in recruiting or development about what capacities and traits are necessary for success.
  • Quick results, with the entire process taking approximately ½ day.
  • Permanently useful since you will completely control the process after implementation.

Below is an example of an individual matched against a profile for a specific job to show the output format. Note that the actual competencies, rewards, and behaviors are well defined and developed specifically for your organization. The definitions are included with the Analysis.


Approach Components:

  1. Your team sends Bovo-Tighe key job accountabilities and a job description for the job to be profiled.
  2. Key job stakeholders that are most knowledgeable about the job, usually 5-10, are chosen to take part in the process.
  3. Bovo-Tighe arranges a virtual live meeting taking 2-3 hours to develop the profile and demonstrate to you how to fully use the results.