Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Communication that Counts

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This program embeds in participants a fundamentally different way to converse in the workplace, and gives them the ability to connect conversational outcomes more closely to what they truly seek to achieve.

This is a perennially popular program because it is immediately practical. Participants learn and practice approaches they will apply the minute they leave the session. People learn how their own observable behavior and communication styles affect their personal productivity, and the productivity of those around them. Whether program participants are senior executives, directors, area managers, front-line employees, sales representatives, or support staff, they all gain techniques to make their observable behavior and coworker interactions constructive and contributory. This helps everyone raise their effectiveness at work.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Fewer MiscommunicationsLess rework and duplicated efforts as people make their intentions clear.
  • Fewer misunderstandingsPeople stay on the same page more consistently, improving relationships, timeliness and efficiency
  • Less frustration between coworkers and between work teamsCollaborative efforts work more smoothly and produce better outcomes, usually more quickly
  • Stronger decisionsIdeas get fully heard and understood, giving decisions a more solid foundation, and increased ownership of all involved
  • Better relationships between people, based on mutual understanding and resultsStronger relationships make conflict resolution far easier, with more sustainable resolutions

Program Components

  • Pre-Course Behavioral Diagnostics
  • One or Two -Day Onsite Course
  • Post-Course Behavioral Change Tool Kit

Behavior Changes You Can Expect

  • Communication Change – Participants will learn exactly how their communication approach and behavior affects productivity on the job, and how to adapt their behavior to have a more positive impact.
  • Improved Perceptiveness – Participants will be able to clearly identify and leverage:

o   How their behaviors are perceived by others

o   Biases that affect how they as individuals face challenges at work

o   How they prefer to interact with people

o   How they react to change

o   How they respond to rules and regulation written by others

  • Bias Management – Participants will better understand their own biases and better read and work with the biases of fellow workers by observing behavior patterns.
  • Effective communications – Participants will engage better with others, building better working relationships.
  • A habitual “Communication that Counts” mindset – Every conversation will have a focused goal and end with agreement on next steps.
  • Active Listening – Participants truly listen and deeply understand the intent and meaning of the actions of co-workers, and respond more persuasively and influentially to how they act and what they say.