Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Coaching & Mentoring

Dramatically Accelerate Improvement and Sustain Changes

Organizational habit change gets a strong launch through workshops and seminars, but consistent implementation is often challenging. Knowing exactly what to change, in what order, and focusing on maintaining the change until it is habitualized, can make a big difference in results. Two of the strongest tools for accelerating and locking in development gains are Coaching and Mentoring, which are often used in combination to amplify their impact.

Benefits to the Organization and Individual

Speed the rate of successful change – An expert who has helped hundreds of individuals implement habit changes knows what to do and can provide not only the roadmap, but more accountability and focus.

Embed great leadership behavior as habits – Replacing bad habits with great habits takes time and persistence. Coaching keeps the individual focused on making the changes necessary.

Keep the individual connected to the organizational goals –Our coaches focus on the outcomes the organization seeks through leadership development

Allow great habit momentum – As program participants exhibit productive habit change, those around them will reflect on their impact and adopt those habits themselves, or seek the tools to do so proactively

Approach Components

  • One-on-One Coaching Assignments – 3 to 24 months, varies by need
  • Coaching with Groups or Mentoring Pairs – up to a 24-month program of mutual support. (High impact on leadership productivity.)
  • Involvement of supervisors – Our approach remains aligned with the organizational vision through regular involvement with the necessary leaders.

Unique Features of our Approach

Speeds improvement – through increased clarity and accountability, a good coach will dramatically affect the speed with which new habits are created.

We know how – our coaches are certified and genuinely understand how to create new habits and sustain them.

It fits your reality – our veteran coaches have helped individuals successfully change habits in many situations and different types of organizations. Every person requires a different approach, and our coaches help you decide approach that will work for you.

Highly efficient – our foundational focus ensures we are working on the central issues that matter most, not symptoms or issues of lesser importance. Small changes in the right places can make an enormous difference.

Specific leadership habit changes reinforced – Through our programs we give participants specific behavior changes to adopt that have proven highly effective. Our coaching and mentoring programs are designed to build on that specific foundation.

Perfect for busy schedules – we can usually work in very brief meetings, often by telephone, to minimize your disruption.

The changes will remain – by focusing on true habit change, the good improvements, once implemented, will continue to create value for your people and your organization.