Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Accelerating Personal Accountability

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Today most organizations are committed to lean operations with flatter hierarchies. Successful organizations must then look to team members to take greater responsibility, and be personally accountable for achieving desired business outcomes.

Too many organizations create systems to “hold people accountable” rather than fostering a culture where people hold themselves accountable. The former demands strong oversight and repercussions for poor performance. The latter fosters a more sustainable commitment from employees to take personal ownership of group outcomes.

Bovo-Tighe’s Accelerating Personal Accountability Program is a practical, straightforward method for quickly growing this desired personal accountability within teams. We built our program on the principles laid out in the best-selling book QBQ! by John G. Miller, which drives home the importance and power of taking personal accountability for business results.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Greater Speed and Efficiency – Individuals complete tasks to which they commit with more pride and less oversight as they take ownership of the results
  • Consistent Quality of Outcomes – Participants will set their own quality standards, and work hard to meet those standards
  • Positive Work Environment – Participants and their co-workers will experience less frustration and interpersonal challenges as collaborators earn each other’s trust by taking responsibility for their own outcomes.
  • Predictable Performance – Participants become reliable, trustworthy performers, with outcomes supervisors can count on.
  • Quality Meetings – Participants will adopt productive meeting habits that result in engagement and full buy-in from the people involved.
  • Strong Role Models – Managers and supervisors start modelling the right behaviors, and teaching their team members to become more responsible and self-managing.
  • A Culture of Accountability – Participants will take the initiative to build a more collaborative, accountable culture throughout the organization because that benefits them.

Course Components

  • One-Day Onsite Course
  • Post-Course Guide on Personal Accountability Habits

Behavior Changes You Can Expect

  • Skill Transfer – The transfer of personal accountability mindsets from participants to fellow employees
  • Embracing Change – Participants accept the possibility of change, as they have greater control of their own outcomes, and feel confident in their ability to adjust
  • Goal Setting – Participants set and communicate clear goals and expectations to all co-workers
  • Two-Way Communication – Participants start to give and receive feedback more effectively
  • Attaining work/life balance – Participants will exhibit better control of professional responsibilities, freeing time for family and restful rejuvenation
  • Proactively improving poor performance – Participants will work on filling skill gaps that impede their own progress.
  • Improving team productivity – The same motivation to improve personal performance will translate to filling skill and performance gaps on their team.
  • Communicating in an accountable manner – Participants will exhibit clear communication habits as they see the value in focusing on productive conversations.
  • Pursuing solutions with minimal oversight – Participants will self-motivate more consistently, and proactively check in with questions and issues that need resolution.