Unleashing the full capacity of your people

How are you spending time?

If there’s one thing we all want more of, it’s time. And as the days get shorter and the workload ramps up, you need to make sure you set some aside to optimize how you manage it. Nobody likes sitting in meetings where they feel like they’re not needed or getting CC’d on emails they don’t. Own your personal time management so you can optimize your work week and spend more time doing the things that move you towards better. Below are a few key principles in doing so:

  • Identify your time obstacles and decide what obstacles are your biggest challenges, and approximately how much time they cost you per week. Potential obstacles to consider:
    • Unclear Objective/Lack of Priorities
    • Poor time mgmt. tools
    • Ineffective filing and/or tracking system
    • Lack of planning
    • Poor delegation and/or communication
    • Over-committing
    • Ineffective Meetings


  • As you’ve probably noticed by now, time waste is everywhere. Using the right time management tools will help develop your reputation as a producer.
    • Use a to do list—it will save you 4 minutes for each minute of planning
    • Reduce clutter and limit time wasters —Urgent vs. Important
    • Handle email and communications better—time and place to respond?
    • Meetings—implement the cascade model and one-on-ones where appropriate
    • Map out your Ideal Week and its critical elements—stick to it!

Using your time effectively will have ripple effects throughout your organization. Not only will it make your life better, it will also provide you with more time to engage with those around you. So, take advantage of that and invest precious time back into your people!

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