Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Client Results


  • Challenges: Working with a group of 43 first-time supervisors (individuals working primarily in field/operations jobs and possessing extensive production experience), jump-start the supervisory career of these future leaders and demonstrate measurable business results due to the group’s development.
  • Process: Bovo-Tighe helped this organization create a one year-long Leadership Program with Psychology of Achievement as the lead training workshop. Coaching and additional technical and leadership training followed at various intervals throughout the year. The second half of the program also included implementation of participant projects, where small teams of 3-4 were charged with addressing specific business issues. These projects were conducted in “spare time”, and participants were required to stay on-time and on-task with existing job responsibilities.
  • Results: Program projects generated value of over $3.85 million of immediate benefit to the organization – in time savings (and corresponding $$ value), productivity increases, revenue enhancements, and efficiencies gained in processes, labor and/or resources. This calculation did NOT include future $$ value to the organization past one year.
  • Extremely high job performance ratings for the group of participants, especially when compared to other first-time supervisors.
  • Applications for the program TRIPLED in year two, and the entire program gained the respect and admiration of the entire company, including the North American CEO who has become an annual speaker at the kick-off event.
  • The program was expanded to a three year program with additional trainings, coaching, and mentoring elements.

Technology Services

  • Challenge 1: Decrease time required to train field engineers.
  • Process: Working with this client, Bovo-Tighe developed a 2-day program for newly hired field engineers designed to promote self-responsibility for learning and teach enhanced learning techniques.
  • Results: Training time was cut from 12 weeks to 8 weeks. Without substantially changing training content, field engineer test scores improved at the first “testing point”, and the streamlined training process resulted in the highest completion/graduation rate in 10 years.
  • Challenge 2: Re-energize a customer service work team challenged by a 30% staff reduction.
  • Process: The client decided to provide the 3-day workshop B-T Psychology of Achievement for all team members.
  • Results: Significant reductions in customer incidents and complaints.
  • Challenge 3: Improve teamwork and cooperation in new, combined product team consisting of staff members who previously competed for budget, resources, and recognition.
  • Process: Each team member was assessed and debriefed with the B-T Communication and Leadership Process and the B-T Motivating Factors Analysis, and subsequently attended a B-T Managing for Success workshop to further explain how to better communicate and work with others. A B-T Organizational Assessment was also conducted during this workshop, as a way to “map out” the motivators and work styles of different individuals, and identify opportunities for improving teamwork.
  • Results: Action steps were identified at the conclusion of the Workshop, and implemented to help achieve revenue goals and a 10% reduction in spending.

Technology Services/Integration

  • Challenge: (1) Improve relations with this organization’s largest customer, and (2) to evaluate a proposed reorganization of the team servicing this customer.
  • Process: Assessments and interviews were conducted by Bovo-Tighe, both internally and externally, with follow-on recommendations implemented to modify the reorganization and better meet the needs of the internal team and the customer.
  • Results: Bovo-Tighe helped re-connect the team with key executives in the customer’s organization, thereby repairing a relationship that was previously described by the customer as “broken beyond repair”. Permanent, sustainable changes were made to internal business systems that will continue to support excellence in customer service and retention.

Chemical Products Manufacturer

  • Challenge 1: Production off-target. The company’s monthly production goal was missed in 6 out of 7 months prior to the implementation of Bovo-Tighe’s program), resulting in delays of manufacturing and packaging products. Subsequently, severe issues ensued with customers.
  • Process: Bovo-Tighe conducted a thorough evaluation of key operations elements/processes – management, workers, equipment readiness, scheduling – and recommended improvements in all four areas.
  • Results: In the first full quarter following implementation of the recommendations, production goals were exceeded (the first quarterly goal met in over three years).
  • Challenge 2: Incidents/accidents exceeding safety goals.
  • Process: Bovo-Tighe worked with the organization’s staff to assess communication styles/opportunities and helped design a training program to “engage” the supervisors and workers who were experiencing incidents/accidents.
  • Results: 34% actual reduction in injury/illness rate in the first full year of the program. This far surpassed the program’s goal of 10% reduction.

Metals Manufacturer

  • Challenges: Enhance business relationship with key customers and increase sales. This company had recently experienced a major re-organization due to challenging market conditions, and needed to show immediate sales improvement with its largest accounts.
  • Process: Bovo-Tighe designed and implemented a “Customer Satisfaction” survey process that quickly gained necessary data about the perceptions and wants of these customers, and followed up with recommendations to modify sales strategy and tactics.
  • Results: During the next year, this company enjoyed an 18% increase in overall sales revenue, despite a 10% reduction in its sales staffing/expense budget.

Government Organization

  • Challenges: Improve internal communication, resolve management/staff conflicts and retain key staff members (who were threatening to leave because of the work environment).
  • Process: All management/staff completed Bovo-Tighe’s “Communication and
    Leadership” and “Motivating Factors” assessments, and attended workshops designed to debrief assessment reports and understand how to use information from the assessments in their jobs.
  • Results: All key staff members were retained. “What we are focusing on now is WHAT we are doing, not HOW”, said the Director of the organization. “Bovo-Tighe helped us identify what the front-line managers should be doing, what mid-level managers should be doing, and how they can work together cooperatively, instead of as adversaries”.

Sales Division of B2B Products Manufacturer/Marketer

  • Challenge: Improve hiring success.
  • Process: Bovo-Tighe’s validated assessment methodologies were used to help
    “benchmark” the motivating factors and work styles shared by successful incumbent sales reps. This effort resulted in a “profile” that is used to help evaluate new sales candidates.
  • Results: Over the past two years, sales division turnover, historically almost 50% during a salesperson’s first 24 months of employment, was cut in half. This positive change has contributed substantially to increased revenues/profits in a down economy.