Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Energy Company Team Leader – No. 1

When teaching and coaching leadership skills, breaking down the challenge into specific areas of improvement, and working on each in detail, leads to better long-term results. In our programs, participants are tasked with selecting those leadership elements they want to improve first.

Here is an example of how this has worked in practice.


A manager with a Fortune 100 energy company sought to get a great start in a new leadership role by focusing on two very specific areas that could have great impact. In his mentoring relationship with Bovo-Tighe, this manager chose two keys area to improve:

  • Communication Skills
  • Life Mastery Skills

In his words: “Working various team issues and looking for ways to maximize individual performance, I reflected back on the importance of “Unshakeable Trust”.  This was paramount in the first three months of my new role.”


At the end of the initial program period, this manager reported a change in his own approach and in how people interacted with him that had a direct impact on improvements:

“Our team decided to hold 360 degree reviews. They provided me with feedback that helped me understand what it was they expected from me while at the same time, expressing to them my commitment to our goals as a team. Throughout the two weeks following the 360 degree feedback, I scheduled time with every team member…This not only seemed to establish a good professional relationship, but also spilled over into our team meetings. It’s great to be part of our team!  Everyone is communicating better and errors made in our workplace are on the down-slope.
“I thrive on feedback and knowing what is expected of me. I spoke with (my mentor) on several occasions with this concern and his advice was to approach each (of my peers) and communicate with them my concerns…I took (his) advice and met with each peer on the issue. The result instantaneous! Ever since these conversations, both (of them) have provided me with great feedback.”

This manager assessed the following return-on-investment that he feels he has already achieved as a result of his improved communication and engagement skills:

“Improving my communication skills has already yielded some returns for (my company) and I anticipate that this will be amplified throughout the next 18 – 24 months.”
It is known that approximately 60% of failures can be traced back to human error. 60% of $32 million is equal to $19.2 million. By me continuing to develop my own communication skills and set the same example for the rest of the team, I should be able to contribute to reducing the deferment due to human factors by 10 – 20 %. I estimate the amount returned to (my employer) to be approximately $2-3 million.

Improving this manager’s ability to communicate with both peers and staff led to these gains being achievable. Investing in the development of better leadership skills pays off every time!

Note: The identity of this client has been masked, but if you are interested in direct testimonials from Bovo-Tighe clients, let us know and we will arrange them.