Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Insurance Sales Manager – No. 2

When teaching and coaching leadership skills, breaking down the challenge into specific areas of improvement, and working on each in detail, leads to better long-term results. In our programs, participants are tasked with selecting those leadership elements they want to improve first.

Here is an example of how this has worked in practice.


A sales manager in a Fortune 100 insurance company sought to improve how he led his team by focusing on two very specific areas that could have great impact. To start his coaching relationship with Bovo-Tighe, this manager chose two keys area to improve:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Avoid the “blame game”

In his words: “Better listening, and not just to the words but “hear between the lines” and pick up on feelings. Improve the relationship with every conversation. ‘Start, stop, continue’ on projects and “to do” items. Watch out! Don’t let my standards slip and start to blame.”


At the end of the initial program period, this manager reported a change in his own approach and in how people reacted to him that had a direct impact on improvements:

“I have specifically noticed a positive difference in attitude when conversing with three specific employees. I have also noticed better and more positive communication with my wife and daughter, so this has helped me in my personal life as well as at work. It’s kind of been fun because all five have seemed to notice a difference but don’t know what has happened to cause it.
I’ve had good success at staying out of the box…I stop and think “am I actually the problem, or at least “part of the problem?”. Then I attempt to “make a better choice in the moment”. This has actually relieved stress and improved my self-image, because when I do this I feel more proud of myself for having demonstrated the strength necessary to make myself be calm rather than venting on someone else.”
The “start, stop, continue” has been effective. It has kept me more organized and on track toward completing the right tasks and not procrastinating.”

This manager assessed the following return-on-investment that he feels he has already achieved as a result of his improved communication and engagement skills:

Individual improvements in communication between his staff and him led to incremental savings of about $2,000 in staff time per improvement.
Plus, “concerning myself being more focused on the right objectives day to day, I estimate a saving to the company of $6,630.00 per year.”

Improving this manager’s ability to positively engage his staff, along with an improved ability to keep himself focused on goals instead of events, led to these gains being achievable. Investing in the development of better leadership skills pays off every time!

Note: The identity of this client has been masked, but if you are interested in direct testimonials from Bovo-Tighe clients, let us know and we will arrange them.