Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Energy Company Divisional Manager – No. 3

When teaching and coaching leadership skills, breaking down the challenge into specific areas of improvement, and working on each in detail, leads to better long-term results. In our coaching and mentoring programs, participants are tasked with selecting those leadership elements they most want to improve first.

Here is an example of how this has worked in practice.


A manager in an exploration division of a Fortune 100 energy company sought to improve how his team performed by improving how he managed it.

At the start of his coaching relationship with Bovo-Tighe, this manager chose one area to improve:

  • Communication that counts

In his words: “Evaluating what is said, gaining commitment and leading others to engage the team to create a higher performance work environment.”


At the end of the initial program period, the manager reported a change in his own approach that had a direct impact on improvements:

“I have initiated a foundation of trust in which relationships and communications are improving. I’m attending more safety and toolbox meetings. I’m getting more feedback now and it seems we are a closer team. I’m committed to building trust and mutual respect. Overall I believe my efforts in team building, encouraging communication, improving listening skills has improved the team morale.

This manager assessed the following return-on-investment that he feels he has already achieved as a result of his improved communication skills:

Overall the team is more efficient, they seem less stressed and are happier. I believe productivity has improved; we have less redo’s and less down time when we arrive on a work site.  Currently there are 7 people on the team working approximately 84 hours a week and I believe productivity has increased by 10%. This would equate to 58.8 hours multiplied by approximately $50.00 per hour equals $2940 x 52 weeks = $152,880 increase in productivity.

Not only can you see financial impacts from increased productivity, but reducing turnover because people are more satisfied will also reduce cost.”

Improving engagement with more effective personal involvement, along with the trust to delegate authority led to these gain being achievable. Investing in the development of better leadership skills pays off every time!

Note: The identity of this client has been masked, but if you are interested in direct testimonials from Bovo-Tighe clients, let us know and we will arrange them.