Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Energy Company Team Leader – No. 2

When teaching and coaching leadership skills, breaking down the challenge into specific areas of improvement, and working on each in detail, leads to better long-term results. In our programs, participants are tasked with selecting those leadership elements they want to improve first.

Here is an example of how this has worked in practice.


A manager in the exploratory division a Fortune 100 energy company sought to improve his leadership ability. In his coaching relationship with Bovo-Tighe, this manager chose one key area to improve that he felt could have great impact:

  • Communication that counts

In his words: “more effective communication between my alternate and I including other work groups, peers, and co-workers. My expectation was to make a 10% improvement/savings in time and efficiency.”


At the end of the initial program period, this manager reported a change in his own approach and in how people interacted to him that had a direct impact on improvements:

I feel like my alternate and I are finally teammates and rowing in the same direction. I have to say I have seen a remarkable change in our working relationship. It is easier for people to work (with us) as we are more in alignment when issuing work to the field. I am working on team spirit and trying to show the people that work for and with me that I value them and we are all on the same team. I am hosting meetings with our group to offer mentoring, get feedback and listening to other concerns. The morale in our group has improved and things are running more efficiently.”

It teaches you to recognize everyone as if they were a part of the team, like it or not. So if you want to see real changes start within and let it shine!”

This manager assessed the following return-on-investment that he feels he has already achieved as a result of his improved communication and engagement skills:

The ROI is greater than what was expected, better communication between my alternate and I including our direct reports and other work groups. The way work is issued and executed improves efficiency and effectiveness boosting the morale of our crews. Our estimated budget is around $2,000,000. With 10% saving in time and rework this is at least a $200,000 improvement in productivity.

Improving this manager’s ability to communicate with both peers and staff led to these gains being achievable. Investing in the development of better leadership skills pays off every time!

Note: The identity of this client has been masked, but if you are interested in direct testimonials from Bovo-Tighe clients, let us know and we will arrange them.