Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Insurance Industry Sales Executive

When teaching and coaching leadership skills, breaking down the challenge into specific areas of improvement, and working on each in detail, leads to better long-term results. In our coaching and mentoring programs, participants are tasked with selecting those leadership elements they most want to improve first.

Here is an example of how this has worked in practice.


An executive in a Fortune 100 insurance company sought to improve how his team performed by focusing on very specific areas that could have great impact. To start his coaching relationship with Bovo-Tighe, this manager chose two areas to improve:

  • Improving one critical strategic process (working with other managers)
  • Improving his use of meetings as a management tool

In his words: “This would allow me to have a single source for up to date information on these projects and create additional capacity to focus on improving the business.”


At the end of the initial program period of six months, the manager reported a change in his own approach that had a direct impact on improvements:

“My communication with our staff and employees at large has been enhanced. My time and thoughts have greater leverage than before and I can feel the momentum building as I increase my time thinking about how to improve the business.”

The dialogue among our management team regarding (the critical strategic process) has resulted in multiple revisions to our plans. Each revision has resulted in greater clarity of what needs to be done and specific actions outlined. We don’t know how valuable these plans will be, but we have confidence in knowing we are thinking through the possible scenarios in advance.”

The increased delegation on key projects has improved my working knowledge and freed me up to give thought to how we can make the business more successful.”

This executive assessed the following return-on-investment that he feels he has already achieved as a result of his improved communication and engagement skills:

“There is significant leverage in my ability to focus time and thought on how to better run the business. My goal is to grow the business beyond $500M while averaging a 15% ROE. Every $100M in profitable growth equates to $6.5 – $7.5M of profit. Our employees, customer agents, and shareholders benefit to the degree that we can accelerate the timeline.”

Improving engagement with more effective personal involvement, along with the trust to delegate authority led to these gain being achievable. Investing in the development of better leadership skills pays off every time!

Note: The identity of this client has been masked, but if you are interested in direct testimonials from Bovo-Tighe clients, let us know and we will arrange them.