Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Case Studies

Click on the links below to open individual case studies that contain testimonials to the effectiveness of Bovo-Tighe programs.


Shell Stones Deepwater Project invests 13 million man hours with zero safety incidents. Shell credits this significant achievement to the development of a strong team leadership culture.

Middle Management Leadership Development generates 1,500% ROI

Minga Foundation improves board member effectiveness through team building.

Division Manager saves $2.5 million annually through improved collaboration with Contractors.

Team Manager saves one full FTE focusing “regained” productivity.

Division Manager raises productivity 10% by improving engagement within production team.


Insurance Sales Executive creates greater trust which allows 15% annual growth plans that are more robust, realistic and owned by sales team.

Sales Manager raises sales team productivity, meets annual sales goals far earlier than ever.

Sales Manager improves relationships, raises staff productivity and reduces collective stress.

Sales Manager improves new business won 12% year-over-year, beating all other sales teams.


Energy Company Executive increases business unit wins 33% by overhauling the decision-making process to improve the team’s strategic focus.

Production Team Leader saves $2-3 million by eliminating 20% of production errors, through improved employee process ownership.

Oil Rig Crew Leader saves $200,000 within months raising, productivity 10% by improving communication and collaboration.

Drilling Division Manager saves division $250,000 by improving leadership ability and managing twice as much.

Maintenance Division Manager saves $125,000 annually by keeping the team better focused, improving task completion rates significantly.