Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Our Management Team

Brooke Bovo, Co-Founder Bovo-Tighe, LLC

brooke-final-webBrooke Bovo’s human development work has improved leadership and team productivity globally, in Kazakhstan, Dubai, China, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and the United States. Her practical, enlightening approach has received rave reviews from the world’s largest firms including: Shell Energy, Blue Cross, Schlumberger, BP and the City of Palo Alto. Brooke has helped numerous smaller companies in a wide variety of industries with approaches and tools that have rapidly increased sales by 50% or more in a little as 90 days, simply by unlocking all the latent potential each team member brings to work.

Brooke improves the performance of the one company resource that ultimately controls the fate of any business — its people. Operational leaders who work with Brooke understand that today’s employee has been downsized, rightsized, prioritized, reorganized, reallocated and reengineered. Her clients have discovered that they cannot save their way to profitability any more than they can nag their way to productivity; they need to engage people in the mission to achieve it.

Brooke’s approach offers effective, fast-working solutions to motivate disenchanted employees, and provide more sustainable leadership paths for overstressed middle and executive managers who are challenged to meet the increasing performance demands of shareholders.

Contact Brooke at Brooke@Bovo-Tighe.com

David Tighe, Co-Founder Bovo-Tighe, LLC

dave_final-webDavid works with innovative organizations from startups to the Fortune 100 that want to rapidly add value to their customer offerings by unleashing the full creativity and innovation inherent in their employees. David specializes in designing culture-changing approaches that motivate and leverage the strengths of employees, often drawing together unique teams of people to achieve powerful results.

Dave’s clients include industry leaders such as Genentech, BP, AT&T, and Agilent. David also works with many smaller entrepreneurial organizations and industry consortia.

David holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, a technical background which uniquely qualifies him to develop approaches that create lasting change within technically-based organizations. He has experience as an award-winning sales person and manager for a multinational specialty chemical company that add real-life customer successes (and useful failures that taught him great lessons) to his development work with organizations intent on creating even higher levels of individual and organizational performance.

Contact David at Dave@Bovo-Tighe.com

Our Consulting Team

Bovo-Tighe employs numerous consultants across the United States. They have extensive experience with many different organizations, and can offer a wide variety of practical experience. Our team includes acknowledged experts in:

Improving Sales And Creating A Sales Culture
Developing And Implementing Meaningful Strategy
Creating High Performance Organizations
Developing Sales And Marketing Programs
Implementing High Performance Management Systems
Telemarketing And Call Center Performance Management
Producing Incredible Customer Service
Hiring And Fully Developing Excellent Employees
Six Sigma, DMAIC, and numerous related improvement approaches
Process measurement and metrics development
Process reengineering and Continuous Improvement methodologies

Above all, each of our consultants is an expert in their ability to connect with and inspire people. They have been carefully selected because of their understanding of the need for a fresh creative approach to corporate problem solving. They know how to make their sessions fun and energizing and how to get all the participants involved. Call us with your business challenge. We can help you achieve it.