Unleashing the full capacity of your people

About Us

The Problems We Can Help You Solve 

Do you ever have a sense that you are not getting the full productive capacity of your people? That performance feedback is not always forthcoming, and that great ideas sometimes don’t get promoted to the necessary leaders? That morale could be higher in your organization and that people could probably produce more? That trust just isn’t what it could be, and that sometimes communication is lacking? That there are too many meetings, too much email, and too little focus on what really matters? That some of your people just aren’t as fully engaged in their work as they could be? That the work seems to be harder than it ought to be? That you aren’t improving as fast as possible?

If any of these situations are possible in your organization, please give us a call and let us take a look at it with you.

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Our Core Beliefs

  • Nearly every person is capable of considerably greater contribution.
  • Most organizations only receive a percentage of their people’s talent. Often more than 40% of the available contribution is untapped.
  • Much of the untapped contribution is hidden, often not even grasped by the individuals themselves.
  • The job of a leader is to unleash and engage that great capacity for contribution in every one of the people they are entrusted with.
  • As leaders join this movement, their people will contribute more, make better decisions, solve bigger problems, and contribute more to their customers and their organization.
  • These changes can happen very quickly.
  • This approach will make the world a better place.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Our approach is NOT another leadership model to replace what you already have. It is a way to better do whatever you intend. It embraces your current models, and better ensures their implementation.
  • We can help you build “Unshakable Trust” in which people let down their guard and share opinions, ideas and needs openly.
  • We will help you build an organizational habit we call “Pursuit of Truth” in which you systemically tap the ideas and understandings of people in your organization and gain the ability to get their help in critical areas.
  • We will help you install an organizational habit we call “Communication That Counts” in which your communications end with mutual commitment to action and a closure/feedback loop to ensure completion.
  • We will dramatically enhance your Continuous Improvement processes, with specific organizational approaches to ensure that improvement actually is continuous.
  • We will help you enhance your Performance Feedback mechanisms, ensuring that the right information is getting to the right places and that things truly do get better.
  • We will strengthen your Execution Systems to be able to actually get done what you need to get done, with focus on the appropriate priorities.
  • The people in your organization will enjoy the process as well as see the benefits.
  • You will get results almost immediately after we begin. Our approaches work fast!