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Your BT Mid-Year Leadership Tune-Up Guide

Leadership Reset Button

This year is half done! The time has come to take a breath, take a moment and assess personal and professional progress on your leadership journey.

How have you grown your leadership ability since January? How well have you progressed on your key New Year resolutions? How shall you hit the “reset” button to shape up your improvement resolutions for the second half of 2017?

Let’s explore some of the actions you can you take to “get your mindsets reset” and refocus on what you need to do to keep progressing. Get some neglected resolutions back on track!

Step 1: Cut yourself a break. You are not uniquely frustrated. Everyone has had mixed results to this point. We bet your year-to-date results would at least match those of your fellow employees, if everyone frankly assessed their own progress. Which leads us to…

Step 2: Be honest with yourself. Pat yourself on the back wherever you merit it, but do not give yourself credit for progress you haven’t yet made. The truth, with all its warts, will let you make better decisions about where next to focus energy and brainpower.

Step 3: Reassess your key resolutions. How you progressed against monthly milestones?

  • What would you rate as a success? What habit changes have you achieved that have improved your effectiveness as a leader?
  • What are the two or three key habits you still need to change to lead yourself better, and then lead others better?
  • What can you do this summer to further embed the positive habits you think will make a real difference in your productivity?

Step 4: Refresh your mentoring or coaching relationships. A coach always makes an athlete better.

  • Have you forged strong coaching or mentoring relationships?
  • How well are you using your coach or mentor?
  • Could that relationship use an infusion of attention and energy?
  • Set up a new cross-coaching or mentoring partnership, especially if your short list of desired habit changes resonates with a professional counterpart.

Step 5: Ask for honest feedback from others. Do not allow other people to reinforce your bad habits, especially if they are holding back true feedback out of a concern for your self-esteem. Let them know that your self-esteem is tied up in the obtaining of the new habits, not retaining the old. Give coworkers clear permission to be frank!

Step 6: Rejuvenate your “Forward-Thinking, Action-Oriented Leadership Mindset.” Here are some approaches we have recommended before that people found useful:

  • Adopt the mindset that this is your first day on a new job: Meet your coworkers all over again, just as you did when you started, recreating the onboarding process you went through when you first joined the team. Work on making the onboarding process permanent within your team or group.
  • Run a profound, dispassionate review of your priorities for the rest of the year. Put your outcomes from the first six months to work. What chronic issues truly need a fresh approach? Discuss these challenges with everyone involved as part of your re-onboarding process.
  • Infect yourself and your workplace with optimism. Mood is contagious. Be one of the people infusing your workplace with energy. Opt for optimistic outlooks, and share them freely as you re-engage with your collaborators over the summer. Ask “what can we do to make the most of the rest of the year?”

The bottom line: It’s never too late, or the wrong time, to start your 12-month leadership improvement initiative. Redefine your target dates, reset, refocus, recommit and restart your program.

Let us know how we can help kick-start you and your team to make the rest of the year highly productive, and a lot more fun!

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