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We applaud our client, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, on their Webby Award

The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation recently won a Webby for their powerful promotional video. Their simple, straightforward presentation about their mission let the story tell itself, without amplification. The message stands by itself, with a force that carried them to victory.  Their story is so compelling it is hard to deny its effect on the viewer. Bravo to them for going straight to the message, sharing the truth and asking for help without frills or tricks.

We at Bovo-Tighe are proud to be able to work with the Glaser Foundation. We emphasize the “Pursuit of Truth” as part of our Foundations of Excellence model in our employee development work. This video is a great example of the power of both Pursuit of Truth and Excellence.

Click on the video below to view it. Click here to see the Foundation’s press release.

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  • Colleen Watson

    This is a great article, and a fantastic video! “Hats Off” to EGPAF, and to Bovo-Tighe for such an incredible partnership.

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