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Three Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

Three employee engagement drivers second nature for all leaders.

Make our three engagement drivers second nature and you will win a lot of competitions!

Countless studies support the proposition that stronger employee engagement raises productivity. Yet, organizations still struggle with it:

  • 29% of employees declare themselves engaged, according to this year’s annual Gallup survey.
  • The other 71% are either disengaged or, worse, completely unengaged.

We know why: Employee engagement can only be sustained over time in an organization that adopts a ‘mindset of engagement’ and makes all the drivers of engagement second nature for every leader at every level. There are multiple drivers. We touched on just nine of them in this month’s newsletter.

We can condense the message down from nine to three: Here are the overriding personal and corporate mindsets that we focus on when building an engaged workforce:

A reverence for the truth –Real information can be shared up and down the chain of command without assigning blame or retribution. Pressing through assumptions to facts should be valued. Bad behavior should be addressed as a teaching moment, with curative rather than punitive responses.

Clarity of communication – Share goals, aspirations, challenges and hurdles. Ask for input. Value the input. Act on the input. Give credit to the source for good input.

Building a high level of trust – Fulfill promises. “Tuesday is Tuesday,” not Wednesday or Friday. Never throw anyone “under a bus,” aside from yourself. Accept full personal accountability for past results, and be a leader in solving problems. Ask not “why did this happen?” Ask “What can I do to fix it?”

There is no quick fix for a lack of engagement. Your organization earns it from each employee through the actions of its leaders over time. It is far easier to lose engagement (especially the underpinning trust) than it is to earn it, so you can never take a day off! That is why it must be a mindset rather than a program.

What do you think of our three key drivers, or our nine more tactical areas of focus? Let us know!

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