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Tasked with Corporate Training? Seek Outside Help

Guest blogger Binthar Dunthat is back with another rant about meetings and trainings:

Been to millions of corporate trainings? Or does it just seem like that?

Seems like more, you say? Not surprising…

Here’s what I see and hate in typical employee trainings. See if this sounds like one of your events:

  • Put ‘em in a hotel for three 14-hour-a-day training sessions
  • Buy ‘em dinner at the hotel (twice, even)
  • Stuff their brains until they overflow faster than a beer pitcher at a frat party
  • Once they are as overloaded as said frat kids, send them back to their jobs … inspired, confused, overwhelmed, and now three days behind with no clear marching orders to sustain the gains.
  • Then sit and ponder why it didn’t have a life-changing effect on productivity.

There’s a better way. And it’s not a secret.

Here are the 4 key things required in an effective productivity-boosting training program.

  1. Smart upfront planning
  2. Startingly great interventions
  3. Ongoing support

I’ve been lots of places where the top executives received professional help (and no I don’t mean that kind of professional help…although some of them surely needed it.)

I mean professional advice, counsel and guidance from a high-performance, objective consultant. Someone who’s not tied into the mish-mash of corporate politics, confusion and malarky that makes up any top executive’s daily work life.

This works for top executives. So well, in fact, that they get inspired and roll out something similar for the rank and file. But to save a few bucks they have an internal person do the training. Mistake.

Face it folks, having an internal person do this is like going to marriage counseling and having your spouse be the counselor. It ain’t going to work.

Instead, follow the four steps listed above and you’ll have a corporate training program that top executives and key influencers throughout your company will embrace and model.

And that’s the key to effective, productivity enhanced training.

(Full disclosure: Bovo-Tighe is that TOP-QUALITY OUTSIDE PROFESSIONAL HELP you need to hire. And they have the results to prove it. And a guarantee that leaves you absolutely no excuse not to try them! And, no, they didn’t pay me to say that!)

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