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Leaders: Make the Best of a “Bad Hire.” Fix Bad Job Fit

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We have written more than once about how infectious great leadership behavior is, and how it drives up team engagement and productivity.

The inverse situation is all too common, too: Poor attitudes and negative behavior can infect a team with low morale and depressed productivity.

As a leader, you need to remain alert for such developments, and work actively to isolate and fix the source of the negative influence.…

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Make December Both Joyful and Highly Productive

Capture the joy of the holidays December is a time of both joy and stress. What can a team leader do to relieve the stress of balancing family and professional needs during the holidays? Hint: Err on the side of family time, and you will gain a grateful, engaged employee come January.

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From Summer Break to Fall Energy – Make the Most of Your Recharged Self

tomatoes The end of summer leaves us with a gift that could keep on giving well into Fall. The gift is a recharged mind and fresh energy that sets us up to choose a productive path into the hustle and bustle of the Autumn business season. With the more hectic pace comes a return to typical workplace stress levels, too, but that doesn’t have to be bad, either. Let's see how to make the best of it - click for more.

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Situational Leadership Skills? Such Agility is a Natural Result of Good Training

Leadership at the team level is naturally situational. Each manager approaches team members individually, understands their particular values and motivations, and crafts a leadership approach that brings out the best in each person. How do your manager-leaders respond to shifts in people or goals? McKinsey sparked a few thoughts in us. See what they were!

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Launch Your Team Before You Launch Your Project

Have you had a worthwhile initiative fail because haphazard group dynamics impeded constructive collaboration? Hard experience tells us that “let’s just get started” is still a rallying cry for too many leaders. They want to move forward, and skimp on laying the team-building groundwork that could ensure greater success. We recommend you redefine team-building as THE critical first step of “getting started.” Click through for more on this, and a link to a nice article on HBR about it.

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Master the Art of Questioning (and Listening) to Better Raise Productivity

The ability to ask meaningful questions that elicit thoughtful, useful answers is a core leadership skill that you must make an everyday habit. Good input comes from frank discussions, and leads to better decisions and actions. Good conversations also raise engagement, which raises productivity. So much benefit comes from ability to ask questions and listen to answers that you need to practice this leadership skill until you make it habitual. How best to do that? There are a handful of approaches we can explore.

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