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How to Work with a Jerk

How to Fix a Jerk at Work Relationships

We all have experience working with jerks. It is part of the landscape of corporate America. We get a job that throws us into a diverse mix of people, some of whom act in ways that you might consider jerky. The offenders could be on our team or on teams with whom we collaborate. And you have to figure out how to work with them!

We wrote about this way …

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Habit Change is Hard Yet Critical to Great Leadership

habit change is hard says Bovo-Tighe When it comes to leadership habit change, too many managers seek and evaluate feedback, but fail to fully leverage it to improve their performance. Falling back into a comfortable, if unproductive rut is apparently a “thing” even among senior managers. If that is your "thing," how can you break out of the rut? We have some thoughts!

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Leadership Re-Start for Q2 2017 – Realign and Re-engage!

Personal Performance Review, magnifying glass woman With the first quarter of 2017 done, what can you do to revive your leadership resolutions from January and get them to blossom? How can you use Spring energy to set up the rest of the year for success? Start with a few appointments with yourself for some introspection.

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On Leadership – Find Success Through the Daily Details

yellow man figure stands out in crowd What might a perfect leadership day look like? What observable behaviors and events would you want to see to declare that day perfect? We have some ideas for what to look for, and how to make such behavior habits. Click through for more.

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Situational Leadership Skills? Such Agility is a Natural Result of Good Training

Leadership at the team level is naturally situational. Each manager approaches team members individually, understands their particular values and motivations, and crafts a leadership approach that brings out the best in each person. How do your manager-leaders respond to shifts in people or goals? McKinsey sparked a few thoughts in us. See what they were!

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Maslow’s Hierarchy and Employee Engagement – Make the Connections!

Tapping into employee internal motivators to give greater meaning to the work they do is important in raising employee engagement and productivity. We found some intriguing (if flawed) attempts to connect levels of engagement with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The key point is, your mix of engagement approaches must adjust to take account of external forces like financial security in figuring out how to engage with each of your employees. Think about how well you accommodate such factors in trying to connect with subordinates, peers and bosses. All of them have their own hierarchies of needs! Click through to see one of the visuals we found.

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