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Leadership Habit Change: Swap Negative for Positive!

Adopt Positive Leadership Mindset Building a positive-outlook mindset improves leadership outcomes. Replace unengaging, negative behavior sets that imped your own success by demotivating and disengaging your followers.

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Three Talent Development Trends to Track for 2017

Leaders Trends 2017 Key talent development trends to track as we approach 2017: Leadership growth accelerates with diverse organizational experiences, exposure to multiple stakeholders in a meaningful way, and heightened human capital analytics that really track progress and ROI. Click through for more depth on this.

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When Should You Micromanage Employees?

Micromanagement has a well-deservedly poor reputation, but it can be a productive leadership tool when used sparingly, and in appropriate circumstances, such as with an employee learning a new skill or function. The key is that productive micromanagement is temporary, and is designed to build unshakable trust between the manager and the worker.

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Happy New Year! What a Great Year 2013 Will Be.

How you create these mindsets?

Happy_New_Year_2013We wish you all the best as we step into this new year. As all fresh starts are, this one is full of promise and energy. Take a moment to adopt the mindset that this is your first day on a new job:

  • Go out and meet your coworkers all over again, just as you did when you started.
  • Put aside “experience” and give a profound, dispassionate review to your


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