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Are there any Gaps in Your Self-Awareness?

This is always a fun time of the year. You gain an hour of light, your favorite plants and flowers decide to show off, playoff hockey and basketball are in full swing.  Winter is gone but Game of Thrones is back! With the summer months around the corner and obligations piling up, it’s important to stay self-aware and constantly assess your hot spots and blind spots to ensure you make the best of it all.  It can be easy to get wrapped up in all that’s going on but that’s why its so important to keep your dashboard updated and eyes on target. So, in the wise words of YouTube viral sensation, August, “worry about yourself” and buckle up your own seatbelt.





It’s not all about you, unfortunately, but it does start with self-awareness. It’s not fair to go out and criticize the world before your own house is in order. As a leader you should constantly assess your own hot spots, blind spots and stay up to date on you and your teams’ unique styles, competencies and motivations. Make a list of Hot Spots and Blind spots that are important, and your actions to overcome them.  Commit to the Mindful Moment.  Name individuals you want to improve communication with and map out a plan!

The whole point of staying self-aware is to identify areas for improvement and having ways of knowing if you’re heading towards better. Once you’ve mapped out a plan and taken inventory, it’s imperative to have clear goals and identify the best way to accomplish such.

  • Vision / Mission  – Do you have a clear purpose or personal success vision?
    • What are you leading and what are the changes you most want? Value of the changes?
  • Key Operating measures (ongoing daily / monthly measures of success)
    • What makes the most sense to track, and who else should have that information?
  • Key Goals – How close or far away and why?
    • What short term actions need to happen first?
    • Who to follow up with and why?

Gain that daylight and bring on the summer.  With these simple steps, you will be well on your way.

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