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Sayonara June! Hola July! Time for Mid-Year Resolutions.

new-years-resolutions-twentysomethings1The arrival of High Summer also means you must take time to set your Mid-Year Resolutions. Revisit your New Year’s Resolutions, see how you have progressed against them, and commit to a revised plan to achieve all that you still need to accomplish against those resolutions. Oh, and take the time to celebrate those achievements already garnered with co-workers (especially the boss!)

Effective leadership mindsets take time to embed as habits. Until they become second nature, you must actively reaffirm their benefit (a more productive workforce) and practice their application in your daily routine.

Your mission must be to build a solid foundation of trust and freedom within your group to “do what it takes” to achieve the team’s goals:

  • Challenge “the way we’ve always done it.”
  • Challenge constructively: No griping! Only innovating! What’s a better way?
  • Catch people when they fall: Plan ahead to cushion the blows when change is implemented. Put those most affected in charge of implementing changes.
  • Push subordinates to lead: Share opportunities to work with outside groups and senior executives. Share credit for successes. Take all the blame yourself.
  • Remove hurdles to success: Your job is to facilitate the work of your team. You find the resources that they need to succeed, whether it’s budget, access to other teams, or flexible work schedules.

And remember that leaders who manage themselves well manage others more effectively:

  • Manage your mood: Keep yourself, and the workplace, forward-thinking and action-oriented.
  • Keep your priority (focus!) on what really matters
  • Be jealous of your time and your goals. Stop allowing e-mails to reset your agenda every twenty minutes!
  • Delegate well – Give your people the room to create, and to fail.
  • Express your satisfaction regularly. Recognition for all successes, however you and your team define them. Encourage team members to give recognitions between themselves, as well. As the leader, you can set the boundaries for their mutual recognitions to ensure fairness.

All of this takes focus and energy, but it is your main responsibility as a leader: You set the pace, the mood and the direction for those who follow you. Focus on making progress against that responsibility every day.

Are you revisiting your commitments to improving theHow may we help team CTA quality of your leadership? Are you finding ways to measure how well you are making the transition from transactional to transformational leadership?

What areas of improvement will get your focus and energy starting July 1?


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