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Rehire Yourself: Recapturing the Energy and Enthusiasm of the New Employee

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Yesterday we found an interesting blog on LinkedIn that we disagreed with. Today we found one that resonated very well with our leadership philosophies, called Act Like a New Employee Every Day.

We can sum it up like this: Work very hard to retain the energy, curiosity, passion and focus you had when you first showed up to work in a new place.

Time to Rehire Yourself

Take yourself back to your first days on your current job. What was your mindset? I expect you were open-minded; absorption of all kinds of information, sorting of priorities, and putting aside old assumptions that no longer applied. You probably also asked “why?” a lot.

Now that you are a seasoned employee, some of that open-mindedness has slipped away. You know the drill, understand how things work and how to get things done. You know whom to go to for help or resources.

If you want to re-energize your professional life, we suggest you recapture that open-minded approach you had as a new employee. Look with fresh eyes, listen with fresh ears to what each day brings.

  • Arrive each day expecting a new idea, or progress on a project. Be ready to react positively to those events.
  • Do not lose energy if any given day sees no real progress. Something was achieved by someone on your team. Find out what that was.
  • View each challenge (whether good or bad) as a chance to perform well, and to move forward in a new way towards your goals.
  • Get to know people again, just as you tried so hard to do when first on the job. You hardly scratched the surface of deeper relationships then. You still have the chance to complete the job!
  • Seek help regularly. You did it all the time as a new employee. Why not keep it up? Being a veteran employee gives you no monopoly on the truth. Learn something new from a different person every day. Discover how effective that is at fostering collaboration.

The bottom line? Retain forever the open minded habits  of new employees. Never lose that curiosity and energy. If you have to, re-hire yourself on behalf of your boss. Involve him or her in this exercise. Re-interview for your job together. Explore again all the possibilities you discussed and agreed to back then. See how much of it you have achieved, and rededicate yourself (and your boss) to achieving your mutual goals.

Have you ever rehired yourself? Let us know what drove that impulse, and how it worked out.

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