Unleashing the full capacity of your people

Performance Guarantee

Black Woman Leader Group

Bovo-Tighe is committed to creating measurable results for you by building a sustainably productive corporate culture that fully and consistently unlocks a high percentage of the potential contribution of your people. Our client results since 1987 prove that we can deliver a measurable return-on-investment on your human capital investments.

We back up our work.

To eliminate any concerns you may have, and to allow you to confidently explore how we can help your organization, we offer a simple, ironclad guarantee:

“Bovo-Tighe will not invoice you for any project until you are fully satisfied with the results.”

How does this work, in practice?

  • You, the client, select the strategic performance goals.
  • As part of the program contract, we agree together on the goals for each stage in the development program.
  • Only after you are totally satisfied at each stage will you receive an invoice.

To us, a development program that yields no tangible improvement in employee and team outcomes is not really development, and not worth the money spent.