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Passion at Work: Nurturing it Starts the First Day of Employment

We recently shared our passion for the topic of “passion” in an article on ezinearticles.com. The column summarized a series of blog posts from last month that explored the topic in greater depth. (Start here and scroll down to review them.)

In the article, we outlined a few of the key areas on which to focus when a leader puts his or her mind to infusing passion up and down the ranks to energize the workplace and raise productivity.

Maintaining passion for the organization’s mission is incredibly hard once the enterprise grows past a size where founders can personally connect with each employee, but it can be done if leaders actively share their passion constantly and consistently. This requires a mindset shift in leaders to focus less on task accomplishment and more on engagement.

Engaged employees need less micro-management

Leaders can spend more time injecting passion if their employees are motivated to handle more day-to-day activities with less supervision. Training employees to keep that mindset as their mantra must start on Day One of employment, when their passion for their new role is at its peak.

Here is a short list of areas that need attention:

  • Be inclusive: Find ways to make a new hire part of the club quickly, cementing this focus in formal orientation programs that last the entire first year of an employee’s tenure.
  • Stay connected: Schedule performance and engagement reviews as often as weekly.
  • Share knowledge: Set a very low bar on “need to know.” Employees do not take ownership of tasks and projects unless they see how their work fits into the corporate whole.
  • Be equitable: Fewer preferences for time served! Or, at least, make those preferences performance as well as time-based.
  • Find the time (and a system) to properly recognize and reward employee contributions as you go along.

For more, read the article. And let us know your thoughts about what we wrote, either here or under the ezinearticles entry.



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