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Our Holiday Newsletter – Celebrate the Past and the Future!

Engage teams the right way
In these last few days of 2012, we take the time once again to thank all of you for letting us help you become more engaged, more focus, and more passionate about all the events in your personal and professional lives. We look forward to continuing our collaborations in 2013.

To that end, we offer ideas in our December newsletter to guide you in your mental preparation for the New Year. It is a time of fresh energy and new beginnings, even if you are working on the same projects that had your attention in 2012.

Our two lead items focus on how a strong focus on employee engagement and empowerment can create a passionate, productive workplace. Your mindset should be: Transformational leaders transform their employees into strong leaders as well.


As you read the articles, relate the concepts to your situation; see where improvements could be made. Once you have your personal to-do list drafted, you can enjoy the rest of the Holidays more energetically knowing you have already made a start on your New Year’s agenda!

Also in this issue:

  • Accept Criticism Constructively
  • Quick tips for keeping your focus – each day and in 2013
  • Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Thank you again for staying connected to us at Bovo-Tighe. Call us with any question or idea that you wish to explore!Sincerely,

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