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OSHA Discloses Most Common Workplace Hazards – The List Remains the Same

In case you missed OSHA’s latest release on the most common workplace safety violations for which it cites companies, click here to find their release.

Nothing will surprise you in this list, especially if you already work in a production facility and have a concern for safety within the working environment. In fact, the top items did not change from 2012, according to OSHA. Here is the list:

OSHA Most Cited Workplace Safety Violations 2013

Our clients work hard to minimize the risk of accidents and fatalities in their facilities: Time and again they find that the most engaged workforces suffer the fewest mishaps. Why? Because engagement drives up ownership, and instills a sense of pride in a team’s ability to keep each other safe and on the job. Other benefits of a more engaged team:

  • Awareness is always the first defense against accidents.
  • Engagement drives up energy, which makes people more alert and on guard for the unexpected. “Getting into a rut,” or routine, is when guard drops and mishaps occur.
  • Solutions are sought proactively. Fewer employees will to “spot a problem” and decide it is someone else’s problem to fix it. More employees will take initiative to find permanent solutions to risky structures, processes or behaviors.

Safety on the job is everyone’s job. When the team takes a high degree of ownership in how well a facility or process works, that process or facility will improve both its productivity and its safety record.

If you want more information about how clients of ours have made safety a centerpiece of their culture while still improving productivity, please contact us so that we can connect you to the sources of the information. (Most of their engagement work is considered a competitive advantage by these companies, so we cannot freely share it.)

Have a wonderful end-of-year celebration; however you plan to celebrate it!


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