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One-Foot-Out-the-Door Disease is Bad for Productivity

Are you prepared to forestall an employee exodus when the economy warms? Companies who have adopted a mindset of employee engagement probably are, as a side benefit of the productivity gains they have already reaped from this commitment.

A recent news item from Bloomberg brought this looming corporate retention issue to mind:

One in Three Workers Wants to Leave Their Job.

The article cites recent research done by Mercer, an HR outsourcing firm, not a more objective source like Harris or Gallup, but I think it truly reflects where employees are after the economic grind of the last three years.

“They feel less attached to the organization emotionally and psychologically, and they don’t necessarily believe that the organization they work for has their best interests in mind,” said Jason Jeffay, a senior partner at Mercer.

At Bovo-Tighe, we fight this trend for you, and we see the difference in commitment and retention when our clients step up and truly adopt the inclusive corporate mindset of engagement. Note I wrote “truly adopt.” Lip service or one-off training modules that don’t reflect a sustained commitment will only alienate employees, as most of us in the business have seen happen too many times.

For those firms that do “get it” and walk their talk about employee engagement, great jumps in productivity will be had. Genuine efforts to engage and enable employees, that validate their intelligence and trust in their motivation to do the best for their employer, usually works out well.

You need a strategic plan that focuses on this coming problem, because you want to be among those fortunate companies that stays out of the expensive game of musical chairs that organizations and their disgruntled employees will start playing once the economy gets going again.

Forgive the pitch in this blogging space, but if you haven’t spoken to us about our most recent experiences in fostering great employee productivity, you are missing one of the great benefits of working with Bovo-Tighe: Ongoing partnership and brainstorming to keep you progressing rather than treading water.

At the very least, let us bring you up to date on the current state of accelerative learning. That’s something every line manager needs to know about!

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