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On Leadership – Find Success Through the Daily Details

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What might a perfect leadership day look like? What observable behaviors and events would you want to see to declare that day perfect?

  • A short energetic staff meeting, with a short action list agreed to?
  • Employees happy to see the boss, actively engaging her or him in conversation?
  • Willing discussion of issues hindering progress?
  • An encounter with every employee at some point during the day to discuss something meaningful about that person’s responsibilities?
  • Your boss dragging his or her boss around to talk with you and other team members, without a crisis causing it?
  • Unexpected events addressed professionally, calmly, with decisions made and action taken?

What else might make up a perfect leadership day? As you can see, none of these are grand, sweeping gestures that shout LEADERSHIP to the world. They are small, hardly noticed in the moment. But they are the foundation on which great leadership is built, because these are the behaviors that generate stronger employee engagement, proper alignment of passion with action, and the right kind of productivity. They are the micro-actions of steady, consistent leadership that keep your team engaged, and motivated to make progress against goals.

Help ProductivityGreat leadership is built on these tactical, micro-actions done every day. Each one has a purpose, and each is aligned with the strategic goal of engagement and high productivity.

What micro-behaviors do you practice as a leader every day to raise engagement, motivate employees and foster higher productivity?

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