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New Year Resolution: Make a Habit of Your Productive Mindset

2014We wish you all the best as we all step into 2014. January is a month of fresh starts, and we all have probably already made our annual vows to make the most of it with injections of fresh energy and rekindled passion for our work.

However, we don’t sugar-coat the challenge: Getting back to work can be hard. The lighter schedules of late December gave all of us a break, whether we sought it or not, and hitting the ground running after our New Year celebrations is an annual challenge.

Here are some mindsets we recommend for getting back into a productive rhythm and launching 2014 in the direction you wish it to go.

  • Take a moment to adopt the mindset that this is your first day on a new job: Go out and meet your coworkers all over again, just as you did when you started.
  • Put aside “experience” and give a profound, dispassionate review to your priorities for the new year. What chronic issues truly need a fresh approach? Discuss these challenges with all the people you are meeting all over again!
  • Infect yourself with optimism. Mood is contagious, whether upbeat or down, so opt to be one of the people infusing your workplace with energy. Don’t overwhelm people with a strange change in personality (that might make people nervous), but opt for optimistic outlooks, and share them freely as you re-engage with your work peers this month. Switch from “why do we have to be back at work” to “what can we do to make the most of being back at work?”

As usually happens, as the year progresses it will bring shocks and obstacles to your success. But establishing a positive, passionate mindset about how to react to challenges, and practicing this mindset to make it a habit, is a great use of your time this month.

How do you create a positive frame of mind for January? What are your methods for making the most of what most people consider the “hangover” month?

Find more ideas for making January a great Kick-Off Month here.

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