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New Bovo-Tighe Article on eZineArticles.com about Better Meeting Practices

We are pleased to share a new article, recently accepted for posting on eZineArticles.com.

The title: The Cure for Bad Meetings: Pay Attention and Contribute

This topic started life as a blog topic, but nothing beats repetition for driving a point home; changing mindsets and improving behavior!

The Key Point to Remember and Internalize:

You control your own behavior in meetings, and that behavior is infectious.

Examine your own actions to see if you are part of the problem:

  • Arriving with a bad attitude about any particular meeting, tuning out the speaker, “enduring it”

Or the solution:

  • Arriving with energy and engagement, setting a standard for participation that others can emulate

Positive and negative attitudes are equally contagious! What sort of behavior are you promoting through your own actions? Make sure you err on the side of “positive” as often as possible. You will find meetings easier to take, and even find value in them nine times out of ten!

Think about how much more productive all your meetings will be if you relentlessly approach each with a positive mindset focused on the following personal objectives:

  • Support the organizer to achieve the meeting objective
  • Keep the momentum moving forward (volunteer to “keep the clock” and keep people focused on the task at hand)
  • Ask forward thinking, action-oriented questions that are germane to the topic
  • Never use the meeting to advance a tangential agenda, score points or make a fellow employee look bad.

For more, click through to the article.

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