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Meetings That Rock!

Meetings That Rock!
By Brooke Bovo

Do you need to get some of the folks with whom you work together for a meeting? My colleague Steve Eddy did a nice post on what NOT to do, but there is also a lot that you SHOULD do. Ready?

Great! Let’s make it ROCK: Run a meeting where everyone leaves chanting…”That was great – when’s our next one?”

People do need to meet in person every now and again to accomplish great results (which is the only reason for a meeting!)

How do you run a rocking meeting that gets great result? Glad you asked!

  • Be clear who is running the meeting and what the purpose of the meeting is. Clarity and focus at the start eliminates lost time from confusion and inaction.
  • Ask the right people to attend. Check your invitee list and if someone’s attendance isn’t essential or if there is just a low level need for them to attend, erase their name and let them get genuine work done. (Note: Have a constructive response ready for those who feel “left out” when not invited.)
  • Use a list instead of an agenda and keep the list short: It should cover what items need to be addressed and must be sent to each attendee well before the meeting. A short list covering only a few key things lets people leave the meeting feeling engaged instead of inundated and tired. And stick to the list!

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