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Leadership Habit Changes You Need for 2018

2018 Leadership Habit Change for YOU Why are lower-level managers largely left to fend for themselves in growing good leadership habits? If managers are not properly trained to deliver the engagement activities, or the feedback loop that builds trust, employee engagement suffers needlessly. Studies find that 98% of managers feel they and their cohorts need more training. How can you deliver this within your group on a tight budget? We have a few thoughts that may help.

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Habit Change is Hard Yet Critical to Great Leadership

habit change is hard says Bovo-Tighe When it comes to leadership habit change, too many managers seek and evaluate feedback, but fail to fully leverage it to improve their performance. Falling back into a comfortable, if unproductive rut is apparently a “thing” even among senior managers. If that is your "thing," how can you break out of the rut? We have some thoughts!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Everyone at Bovo-Tighe!

happy thanksgiving

We wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend, and a great start to the 2017 Holiday Season. Take the time to appreciate family and friends, and give thanks for the many good things that have come our way this year. We certainly appreciate all of you, our clients, co-workers and friends, for the support and business you have brought our way this year.

For 28 years we have …

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How to Stick to Leadership Habit Change Commitments

break and build good habits Seven steps to putting a better leadership habit change program into effect and making it stick. Keep your goals practical and achievable. But, research has found that taking on a complementary set of new habits could be as effective as a one-habit-at-a-time approach.

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A Halloween Golden Oldie from 2015: Workplace Zombies!

Bovo-Tighe treat is workplace zombies

Happy Halloween! How much of a drag is it to have on a Tuesday? Teachers are struggling to keep class under control, and parents have to rush home to get the costumes arranged, the candy by the door and the kids ushered around the neighborhood!

And then everyone gets to go back to school and work the next morning. Yikes!

On the other hand, there was a full weekend before …

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Good Employees Still Need Guidance – Do Not Neglect Them!

three happy employees Measure, track and review results with every employee each month, not just the laggards. Reviewing every employee’s progress toward mutually set goals is much more effective in building the high-engagement team culture you seek.

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