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Leadership Re-Start for Q2 2017 – Realign and Re-engage!

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It’s April, a time when rain revives the earth and we celebrate a riot of blossoming flowers! You can feel the fresh energy in the Spring air as we rapidly head towards Summer.

With the first quarter of 2017 done, what can you do to revive your leadership resolutions from January and get them to blossom? How can you use Spring energy to set up the rest of the year for success?

As we noted in our recent leadership newsletter, you made a series of commitments to start the year, and we suspect those self-improvement resolutions were sound and worth pursuing. Which means they are still worth pursuing, no matter what progress you may have made so far.

If you haven’t already, make a couple of hour-long appointments with yourself over the next week to really dig into your progress, your lingering leadership gaps, and the relevance of your original resolutions.

  • Give yourself credit for progress. We know you have made some. Look for it.
  • Grade your efforts honestly. The Pursuit of Truth remains a core leadership mindset.
  • Get feedback from bosses, peers and subordinates. Gathering feedback should be a monthly exercise, so start now if this isn’t yet a habit.
  • Re-examine what motivates you. What are you trying to achieve for yourself through this job?
  • Day-to-day financial security?
  • The chance for a promotion?
  • Accolades for a job well done?
  • The chance to explore new challenges and develop new skills?
  • The joy of working with other people on a high-performance team?

Everyone’s motivations are different, so it is important to understand your own clearly.

  • Do they mesh with the way you manage yourself and your team?
  • Do they mesh with the way your boss manages you?

What steps can you take to align your internal motivators with your job and its desired outcomes?

Adopt a Forward-Thinking, Action-Oriented Leadership Mindset

  • Adopt the mindset that this is your first day on a new job: Go out and meet your coworkers all over again, just as you did when you started. Recreate the onboarding process you went through when you first joined the team.
  • Run a profound, dispassionate review of your priorities for the rest of the year. What chronic issues truly need a fresh approach? Discuss these challenges with everyone involved.
  • Infect yourself and your workplace with optimism. Mood is contagious. Opt for optimistic outlooks, and share them freely as you re-engage with your collaborators over the next two weeks. Ask “what can we do to make the most of Spring’s energy and enthusiasm?”

Next, plan out how best to re-energize your leadership growth, recapturing that January New Year surge of energy. Commit to working hard on one or two aspects of how you lead each month to improve them, and start to habitualize them. Make that a focus of your next round of feedback gathering.

Making Yourself a Better Boss Pays Off

Contact Button Help ProductivityWe shared the results of a Harvard Business School study last month that you really need to keep in front of you: Take the same set of workers, swap out a bad boss for a better one, and productivity goes up about 10%, with no other intervention. So, if you can keep improving your leadership approach, you have a lot of untapped contribution you can unleash within your existing team. There are several complementary behaviors that combine to create a “great boss.” We outline them here.

Let us know how we can help. We have a lot of experience getting teams back on beam and moving passionately and aggressively in the right direction!

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