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Leadership Quotes to Get Your Mind Set for February

Lots of leadership moments available - Fill this calendar up!

Lots of leadership moments available – Fill this calendar up!

Every month is a fresh start. February is that month in which people finally have their yearly priorities straight after a hectic January kick-off. So, here are a few quotes to get this critical month off to an aligned, passionate start

“Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.” 
– J. Paul Getty

Luck has a role to play in everyone’s long-term success, as we suspect Getty was implying. But he was also making the point that you can only capitalize on luck when you are awake and prepared to act energetically when it shows up.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”
– Phil Condit – Boeing CEO, 1996 to 2003

Thanks, Phil! Always keep the Pursuit of Truth as a priority in your leadership mindset (especially when leading yourself!) Open your mind to new perspectives. Seek out input that may cause you to rethink, redo or restart.

“One thing you learn in college is that picking the problem to go solve is sometimes more of a challenge than solving the problem.”
– Mark Zuckerberg

Don’t chase the first problem that arises each day. Stick to your plan. Stave off distractions that might seem like easy wins. Some would say get a few “wins” under your belt to build daily momentum. We grant that a sense of accomplishment keeps the wind in your sails for the next challenge. But if the “wins” are immaterial to the success of your business, you have frittered energy away on a distraction.

Each moment you have every day is a precious resource. How are you using the leadership moments you have to use each day to build engagement within your team to drive up productivity long-term?

Add a few inspirational words of your own to this short list. Type in a comment to share a thought that can keep our energy flowing and engaged in the right direction. Thanks!

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