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Leadership Kick-Start for 2016 – Engage!

Leadership Kickstart for 2016

…as a forward thinking and action-oriented leader!

January sets the stage for the rest of the year at work. You have taken at least a few days off over the holidays, and have recharged your batteries. It is time to put that energy to work to improve your own productivity, and that of your team (whether you the boss, or a team member.)

As Jack Welch wrote recently on LinkedIn, if you want to make an immediate impact in improving results, your best move is to focus on employee engagement.

“Employee engagement,” Mr. Welch wrote, “is something that is in the hands of every leader, every day — whether you’re managing one, ten, a thousand, or ten thousand.”

Plus, unlike any other business success factor, with employee engagement you can begin to see the results in as little as 24 hours. Nothing gets a people working harder than the sense that his or her hard work is valued by the people who run the organization.

Understand your own motivations first – Are they aligned with your responsibilities?

Examine what motivates you. What are you trying to achieve for yourself through this job?

  • Day-to-day financial security?
  • The chance for a promotion?
  • Accolades for a job well done?
  • The chance to explore new challenges and develop new skills?
  • The joy of working with other people on a high-performance team?

Everyone’s motivations are different, so it is important to understand your own clearly.

  • Do they mesh with the way you manage yourself and your team?
  • Do they mesh with the way your boss manages you?

What steps can you take to properly align your internal motivators with your job and its desired outcomes?

Adopt a Forward-Thinking, Action-Oriented Leadership Mindset

Here are some mindsets we recommend for getting into a productive rhythm and launching 2016. (We shared this back in 2014 – great leadership advice is evergreen):

  • Adopt the mindset that this is your first day on a new job: Go out and meet your coworkers all over again, just as you did when you started. Recreate the onboarding process you went through when you first joined the team.
  • Run a profound, dispassionate review of your priorities for the new year. Learn from last year! What chronic issues truly need a fresh approach? Discuss these challenges with everyone involved as part of your re-onboarding process.
  • Infect yourself and your workplace with optimism. Mood is contagious. Be one of the people infusing your workplace with energy. Opt for optimistic outlooks, and share them freely as you re-engage with your collaborators this month. Switch from “why do we have to be back at work” to “what can we do to make the most of being back at work?”

As the year progresses you will experience the usual shocks and obstacles to your success. Establishing a positive, passionate mindset about how to react to challenges, and practicing this mindset to start making it a habit, is a great use of your time this month.

Contact Bovo-Tighe ButtonHow do you create a positive frame of mind for January? How will you make the most of what too many people consider a “hangover” month?

Find more ideas for making January a great Kick-Off Month here. Last year’s Kick-Off blog post is worth a read, too.

Let us know how we can help. We have a lot of experience getting teams back on beam and moving passionately and aggressively in the right direction!


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