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Leaders: Time for Your Q1 Performance Review

Leadership Development

As we pass the Spring Equinox, evenings are longer and the sun rises earlier. With March soon behind us and winter fading, spirits will rise with the temperature.

It’s a perfect time to inject energy into those aspects of your personal leadership improvement program that have been getting less of your energy and attention. Remember those earnest January commitments? Time to measure your progress and reset your improvement plan to move forward with renewed commitment.

It is also the chance to cash in that rising energy with a team re-engagement initiative. Time to re-energize the troops under your command and reconnect them with your team mission.

Start, as always, with yourself.

Run an end-of quarter self-assessment. Give yourself some frank grades on progress against your own 2018 development plan. What areas of focus did you pick, and how much progress did you make against your milestones?

Once you have self-assessed, speak to others to get their feedback.

Schedule a quarterly review with your boss. Cover interpersonal activity more than task achievement. Delve into pluses and minuses in real depth. This a conversation full of mutual respect, support and forward thinking/planning. No negativity allowed!

After you speak with your boss, involve your team.

Have the same conversations with your subordinates. Get a clear fix on how your personal improvement plans looks to them. What have they noticed about behavior change, improved attitude and other indicators of progress? In what areas would they like to see improvement?

Readjust your annual improvement plan as needed in response to all this input.

How Can Bovo-Tighe Help Rebuild Team Culture

Next, explore how your employees’ personal leadership plans are progressing.

Have them run their own self-assessment. Give them guidelines, questions to ask themselves, a template in which to record their outcomes. They need to trust that their frankness will meet your approval, and not set them up for repercussions!

Review their results with them. Make plans together to improve weaker skill sets and talent gaps.

  • What training could help?
  • How could their workload be adjusted?
  • What people do they need to meet to make progress on their projects?

We all get busy with daily tasks and lose track of longer-term goals. This is particularly true with personal development goals. They constantly linger on the back burner. Yet they are the key to better long-term productivity.

Invest the time with yourself and your team to put sufficient focus on skill and mindset improvements. It is hard. It takes mutual commitment, trust and support. But it pays off sooner than you think for each of you in gaining mastery over your time and energy, and control over your career.

If you need help crafting an end-of-quarter progress assessment process, talk to Brooke or Dave.

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