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Leaders: Set Up Q2 to be Highly Productive

Bovo-Tighe Team Building Program

The end of March is the first big milestone of the business year. It’s a great time to run your first in-depth check-in with your team members, collectively and individually, to realign purpose and energy with your goals.

Here are some areas of focus for your discussions as you work together to plan out a highly productive second quarter of 2018.

Refocus their immediate priorities

  • Which assignments absolutely need to get done within the next three months?
  • Which need attention but will extend into Q3? What needs to happen to make this priority see progress by the end of June?
  • Which projects are off the rails and must recover before June 30? How best to achieve that?
  • Which projects are off the rails and can afford to go on the back-burner to be revived over the Summer?

How can you help each team member with these four areas of focus? What resources or conversations can you have with other executive or collaborative groups to help move projects along?

Set up their Spring and Summer break schedules now

When does the employee need to be out of the office for personal events and traveling during the Spring or Summer? Add all employee dates to a Master Team PTO Schedule.

Insist that everyone to take time off, especially if they haven’t yet taken a day off this year. Also consider giving each employee two half-day passes for family needs like graduation or prom. A few hours off in the morning or afternoon gives the employee a chance to run errands while the rest of the world is at work. That sense of accomplishment can really reduce employee stress.

Collaborate on obtaining a successful Performance Review

Build Leadership Skill and HabitsThink way ahead. What achievements might earn the employee a stellar annual review come January (however your outfit currently structures such exercises.) Work with each employee now to make that process less painful. Have a frank discussion about their progress, good and bad. Put a plan in place to make progress in weaker areas of performance between now and December 31.

  • Target the completion of key projects by year-end.
  • Start collecting proof of each employee’s progress for the year (something you should have been doing since January 1, but start now if you haven’t.)
  • Find the gaps in the performance record/documentation that need filling, to avoid rushing around in January to create “proofs of performance” after the fact.

Work with Superiors on Third Quarter priorities

While your team works on finishing off Q2 in style, you need to keep laying the groundwork for Q3 and beyond with your boss and his or her superiors.

  • Ask for the information you need to prepare your team and your collaborative teams for the new priorities.
  • Start lining up the connections and resources you and your team think you will need to get started quickly in July, if new projects loom.

Overall, you really want to set your team up for a happy, energetic spring season. Lay out exactly what needs to get done, and how much time each employee needs for personal events. Reduce workplace stress. Make it a group project with your team to strike the right balance of work and play!

If you need help structuring a quarterly review and re-engagement program, contact Brooke or Dave!

Invest in Troop Training

How Can Bovo-Tighe Help Rebuild Team Culture

Once you have had your one-on-ones with your staff, you will have a better handle on how to get them the skills they need to succeed in their job (and career). We always emphasize that investing in people derives greater ROI than investing in physical assets. The cost of one new machine could cover leadership development for 100 front-line managers. And it offers a key competitive advantage, since most organizations have yet to cotton on to this simple idea.

Read more about what advantages you gain.

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