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Have Employees Track Their Own Successes to Raise Engagement

John Wanamaker

This is a universal lament. Solve it by focusing on improvement rates!

“I know half the money I spend on salaries is wasted; but I can never find out which half!”

~With apologies to John Wanamaker

Measuring employee contribution rates has been a universal challenge for managers since businesses outgrew cottages in the industrial revolution, and managerial oversight stopped being constant:

“What percentage of my employee’s potential contribution is truly being dedicated to achieving our goals?”

You can’t get a definitive answer to that question, because you can never measure what 100% contribution would look like for each person you employ. But you can answer this question:

“How much more contribution can each employee give?”

Investments in human development raise productivity from current levels, so the increased contribution rate is the metric to use when assessing its impact:

“What measurable additional output is the employee generating?”

“What ideas have come from them that led to cost savings or revenue gains?”

“Has morale improved – Are sick days down, for instance, and disgruntlement rarer?”

“When a problem is identified, is a solution proposed in the next breath?”

“Do other departments report that your team is productive to work with, helping them get projects done and issues resolved?”

You do not need to wait for expensive investments in software systems to track employee contribution and/or productivity. You can start asking these questions today, and have everyone keep a log of their results in something as simple as excel spreadsheet files. The most critical success factor in tracking the power of employee engagement initiatives is simply embedding a mindset of personal tracking and reporting within each employee. Compound this productive “tracking mindset” by embedding the collection and reporting of this data as a manager’s top leadership responsibility.

The magic is in getting that personal tracking and reporting mindset fully embedded in each employee’s routine. That’s where leadership comes in. Communicate the value of the activity in both words and deeds:

  • Use the logged information as the basis for performance reviews: Develop plans of action for development and set goals with each employee based on the information captured.
  • Capture and act on good ideas worth developing

This personal results log can also serve as a great motivator for the employee to stay engaged and raise his or her contribution level when the successes start to add up!

Does this make sense? Do you agree that this could be a sustained activity that gets embedded in each employee’s at-work mindset? We have seen it succeed hundreds of times: Call us to get more insights in how that is achieved through training. We know it can work in your workplace, too.

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